We offer consulting services and workshops for companies and organization. Our services include

  1. Online Gamification Consulting
  2. Gamification Design & Implementation Consulting
  3. Strategic Gamification Consulting
  4. Gamification & Innovation Workshops
  5. Framework & Tools

Initially we start with online consulting to figure out what you need and want. Working with us typically includes a half day or day-long gamification workshop with your team(s), with the aim to educate everyone on what gamification is and how it works, and with building gamification design drafts of your systems, sites, process, or applications. The next steps include detailed work on the gamification design, the implementation, the launch, and supporting you with the operation of the gamified system.

1. Online Gamification Consulting

You can books us from 30 minutes to several hours to get online consulting (phone, Webex...) on what you'd need, what your options are, and how to proceed. Simply check out our calendar and book us.

2. Gamification Design & Implementation Consulting

We work with you on a gamification design and the implementation for your system, process, site, or application. The steps include:

  • understanding your challenges and the root-causes,
  • the metrics to improve,
  • your target audience (employees, 3rd party employees, professional community members, customers, fans...),
  • your existing infrastructure
  • creating a gamification design
  • selecting the right gamification platform, technology, or soultion, or a game studio
  • pulling in from our vast network of gamification and game design experts and vendors the right resources and technologies
  • educating you on gamification to enable you operating gamified systems
  • going with your through the project from beginning to launch to operating the gamified system

3. Strategic Gamification Consulting

Depending on your goals and your special requirements we work with you on a holistic and sustainable approach to gamify your organization. Our end goal is not to just gamify a single process, application or site, but help your to consider the whole organization, including internal and external processes, apps and sites to engage users from inside and outside your organization and help you influence their behavior, give them a path to autonomy and mastery and help you to reach your business goals.

In the consulting process we help you evaluate gamification platforms and tools, balance the reward mechanisms across all systems, consider legal, budgetary, financial, moral and ethical challenges of gamification in global organizations, and lay out the update and promotion activities in running systems.

We have worked on projects including financial services, HR, CRM support and sales, communities, education and learning, marketing, change, project, and organizational management etc. Our network of game studios and gamification platform technologies and providers is crucial to finding the right technology strategy for you.

4. Gamification & Innovation Workshops

Our one or two day gamification and innovation workshops will give your team an entertaining and refreshing deep dive into these topics. We've conducted our workshop over 60 times and trained over 1,500 people.

The workshops include many practical exercises, and participants also receive copies of our gamification books.

5. Framework and Tools

As gamification thought leaders we have developed frameworks and tools that support you in your gamification design process. Our offerings include

  • Gamification Decision Engine - giving you a quick overview of what options for gamification you have
  • Octalysis Framework - understanding the core drives of your audience and design elements
  • Gamification Design Patterns - choosing from pre-defined and proven gamification designs for faster implementation
  • Engaging Diamond Model - filtering through your audiences engagement patterns


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