TEBThe Turkish bank Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) - part of the BNP Paribas-group - launched a gamified sales program named HIPPO to better track sales objectives and the performance of sales teams. With the help of the game elements it covers, the focal point of the users, which is “sales” itself, turns into a game which in return increases employee engagement, employee satisfaction, yet providing continuous performance.

Project HIPPO was the winner of the very first intrapreneurship program by (TEB). As a result of the developments that kicked off after becoming the champion of the intrapreneurship programme, HIPPO is live since December 2015 and is being actively used by sales team in TEB.

As one of the dynamics of HIPPO, users can create profiles. Once they create a profile, they can interact with each other on the system and get in contact to exchange information and share their expertise in any topic they would like. Thanks to the ability customized profiles, users declare that they now have  a tool to better represent themselves at their workplace. HIPPO, being widely accepted and easily embraced by the users are HIPPO’s key factors on the high ratio of being actively used.

With HIPP users can earn and collect points. Points earned determine users ranking in the region and help them with level upgrades while enabling them to compare themselves with their colleagues. Users can initiate a duel either themselves or as  a group. They can earn extra points by challenging each other as well. In addition, a variety of rewards which are customized based on different gamer profiles and characters, increase user satisfaction by better meeting needs and expectations of the users.

The results speak for themselves:

  • at the first month, activation rate of Hippo was 45%, at the second month after the launch activation increase to 60%
  • every user (branch sales managers) logs in at least one time a month.
  • average action in Hippo per customer per day, increased to 2.7 to 4 in one month. (action: using any tool in Hippo. i.e. logging in, searching another user, customizing profile, look up for prizes and etc.)
  • users with more action in Hippo compared to the others, increased their sales by 19% more at the first month.
  • adding a new prize or new survey via Hippo, interact with 85% of the users is in 3 hours time and 20% instant feedback. (rates are doubled compared with communicating with e-mails)

And multiple employees were quoted with

  • “The first time I have a chance to express myself through HIPPO ever since I joined the bank”
  • “Tracking my performance has never been easier and fun before!”
  • “The idea of earning a vacation through my performance makes me work harder!”
  • “I never knew I would find colleagues who share the same hobbies with me – Fans of Composing!”

All in all, given the context above, one can tell that HIPPO’s main reasons of execution, which are to increase employee satisfaction and to lead an increase in employee motivation, are highly and definitely maintained.