Gameffective, the leading enterprise gamification platform, announces the release of Video-Based Game Narratives.

This new and exciting feature supplements Gameffective's existing set of solutions with the option to deliver learning within a fun, interactive and evolving, plot line. It is perfectly suited for product introduction courses, employee onboarding and pretty much any corporate learning campaign where you are trying to impart a large amount of knowledge on employees whilst keeping them engaged and attentive.

The first installment of these video-based type narratives is called "The Perfect Workday" and is structured like an escape room quest where the protagonist, a shabby looking young IT guy must find his office friends who all suddenly disappear during a blackout. To go forward in the plot line the trainee/player must complete learning activities that will open clues for advancing from one level to another and develop the plot.

The game includes 20 levels/chapters allowing around 2 to 3 learning activities, providing ample room for building a comprehensive training campaign throughout the plotline.

You can check out this trailer video to see how it looks.

In times where successful companies highly depend on attracting and binding young talents to survive the hard competition of being always on top ranking of innovative companies, it becomes more and more important to find useful and attractive ways to motivate workforce to educate on a regular basis. Gamification is one of the key methods to educate people using different intrinsic engagement elements. SAP has built an own Innovative Gamification Platform (IGP) with G-learning telling a story around SAP and its various global and diverse subsidiaries. Focusing on gamification elements, team-work, live progression and mixing online and live exercises, G-learning has become a frontrunner of attractive learning and networking methods at SAP.

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Nobel AwardRemember when game designer Jane McGonigal mentioned in her talks that she is aiming to have a game designer win a Nobel Award? Well, we are closer to that. This year's Nobel Award for Economics went to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström for their work on contract theory. What may sound pretty dull at first glance, is actually a pretty interesting piece on human behaviors and how it can be used to make better contracts.

Their work did not only explain how contracts are negotiated, but how the contracts become better. Contracts are an important piece in our modern life. Without them we would fall into a messy chaos. Hart and Holmström described how an ideal contract would look like and created a theoretical framework for that. But theory is one thing, real life another one. Especially when we have to consider human behavior in contracts and contract negotation.

And here it becomes interesting, because the laureates elaborated in their work on specific incentives that influence human behavior to make the contract outcome better for both sides. The Nobel Committee explicitely referred to car insurance contracts and deductibles, as well as work contracts with salaries and bonus payments.

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Gamification Industry ReportsOur spring offer is a big discount for our two Industry Reports: 85% off from the original $1,500 down to $225 for the GAMIFICATION INDUSTRY REPORT that compares twelve gamification platforms.

And the second one is 66% off from the original $990 down to $330 for the SALES GAMIFICATION INDUSTRY REPORT that compares 24(!) gamification platforms. This report contains the twelve platforms from the Gamification Industry Report as well.

For whom is this report?

For anyone planning to engage and motivate employees, customers, and sales reps these reports give an overview of the top platforms on the market with a detailed analysis of the platforms' strengths and weaknesses and technical details.

How can I buy the reports?

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Gamification Industry Reports Gamification Industry Report

In our second industry report on gamification platforms we evaluated and interviewed, analyzed, and compared twelve sales gamification platforms and twelve universal platforms and their vendors. These platforms address engagement challenges that many companies face in regards to younger sales reps - aka Millennials or Generation Y.

As gamification moves from a novelty to a mainstream technology, and shifts from a customer to an employee engagement program, organizations need to consider gamification strategies. Sales Gamification Platforms provide solutions for the sales process, while universal, enterprise grade gamification platforms can be deployed beyond sales throughout an organization and integrate gamification experiences, engage players, and collect data across processes.

Target Audience

This report is for organizations and sales managers that want to increase sales and sales reps engagement. If your sales force is composed of many Millennial sales reps, then this report is perfect for you. This report is also for gamification platform vendors and gamification practitioners.


To help organizations make an informed decision, we queried all vendors and other contact about the product and service offerings on a variety of categories. Readers will learn about

  • Status of the Gamification Industry
  • Learn about gamification platforms and vendors
  • Learn about predictions for the market, ecosystem, big data, and training
  • Get access to evaluation checklists
  • Understand the Elements of a Successful Gamification Strategy.

Evaluated Platforms

The sales gamification platforms that we evaluated for this industry report are:

  • Ambition
  • Cadalys - Corsica
  • CloudApps – SuMo for Salesforce
  • Compettia – Conquer
  • CRMGamified
  • Echo.it
  • Evaluagent - MotivAgent
  • FantasySalesTeam
  • Hoopla
  • iWorkPlay
  • LevelEleven
  • WaveAccess

The universal gamification platforms that we evaluated for this industry report are:

  • Badgeville
  • BizPart Engage
  • Bunchball
  • eMee
  • Funifier
  • GamEffective
  • Gamification-Engine
  • Infosys
  • Mambo.io
  • Playlyfe
  • SAP
  • TribeCloud


Gamification Industry Report 2015 - Sales Gamification Platforms

Evaluation, Comparison, and Predictions

Publishing Date: May 2015

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73 pages
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