Charts for PO process

When I started talking about how gamification can be used in the enterprise several years ago, one of the reactions of a colleague was "Do we make an ego shooter out of invoicing?" While I still use this as an example for common reactions to gamification and show the proper response to it "Of course. If it helps us to save 10%, why would we not do it?" here is finally an example that shows such an approach.

SAP professional Kevin Small posted an example of how a 3D virtual world environment in the form of an ego-shooter can be used to approve purchase orders. Procurement with approving purchase orders is one of the End-to-End Business scenarios every purchase has to be approved by a purchasing manager.

In a traditional procurement system the administrator would see a list of POs with detailed information, while in this approach the POs are visualized as cubes. By focusing on a cube the purchasing manager sees details of the PO such as vendor, purchaser, quantity, price. By shooting at it the PO can either be approved or rejected.

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SCM GlobeVisualizing and understanding your supply chain has become easier thanks to game techniques. SCM Globe is a single- and multi-player simulation that displays plants, stores, routes and vehicles on Google map. This way players get a holistic picture and interdependencies of their supply chain, without losing details. They can zoom in into each facility, route or vehicle, while at the same time keeping the overall situation in view.

A disruption in the supply chain can be easily recognized and proper actions taken. By playing with multiple players, the highly collaborative aspects of the supply chain can be trained and understood.

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