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The Enterprise Gamification Wiki is the largest and most detailed archive on everything gamification. The wiki covers hundreds of examples, companies, technologies, and everything you need to know about applying gamification in the enterprise. This wiki is not purely focused on gamification only, but also includes related and complimentary technologies and methodologies, such as design thinking, creativity, or innovation.

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Workshops & Consulting

Classroom Workshops Online Workshops Consulting

We offer classroom workshops for your teams to learn about
gamification,creativity, innovation, design thinking, and pitches.
The participants will be able to create more engaging work experiences
and know how to be creative, form creative habits, and be innovative.
This allows you to better solve problems,improve low engagement
and morale, create more ideas and turn them into your next products
and services.

We work with you on the creating designs and innovations that sustain
your business, overcome problems, and benefit all your stakeholders.

If you are interested in workshops or consulting, contact us by sending us an email to

Introduction to the Enterprise

If you are new to the corporate world and have never worked in or with a big company, this area will introduce you to some of the most common (and often confusing) terminology and business scenarios. By understanding those scenarios and lingo, you will be better able to apply gamification to the corporate world.

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